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What Is Montessori Yoga?

Montessori Yoga combines the principles of the Montessori teaching method—hands-on learning and collaborative experiences—with the practice of yoga.

A children’s Montessori yoga session is a fun experience that can be started from a very young age. We use storytelling and music to teach children the yoga techniques and positions. 

Our family sessions provide parents with the opportunity to unplug from our hectic world, spend quality time with their child, and strengthen the connection between them.

Benefits For Children

There are many benefits to children, both physical and mental.
Above all, our classes help children grow up to be happy and healthy.

Physical Fitness

Strengthens their muscles and helps develop greater flexibility


Improves brain function by optimizing its coordination, reaction time, and memory

Mental & Emotional

Teaches techniques for breathing and concentration, reducing anxiety and helping children to have more self-control and self-esteem


Yoga helps unify the body, mind, and emotion. And it is from that unity that children experience an openness to learning and internal listening—leading to increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

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