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Our Story

Montessori Yoga is DC’s premier Montessori yoga studio—offering classes for infants, toddlers, and families in a Spanish-immersion environment. 


The owner, Maribel Robello, opened the studio in early 2020 after seeing first-hand the benefits that Montessori yoga techniques provided her students and families from Estrellitas Montessori .

Maribel is well-versed in the Montessori method, which focuses on allowing children to develop at their own pace and cultivates curiosity. Montessori Yoga combines the approach of the Montessori method with the benefits of yoga, creating an experience that strengthens the body, encourages creativity, cultivates concentration, and stimulates calmness and self-confidence.

Our classes provide a Spanish immersion experience. We are proud to offer an opportunity for parents to expose their children to the Spanish language. You do not need to speak Spanish to participate in and benefit from our classes.

About the Studio

Montessori Yoga is located in 16th Street Heights within the Estrellitas Montessori School (5331 Colorado Ave NW). 

Parking is available. Please enter the studio from Colorado Avenue.

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