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Our Classes

We offer classes for infants, toddlers, and families. View information on our pricing.

All of our classes offer a Spanish immersion experience. You do not need to speak Spanish to participate in and benefit from our classes.

Our classes always have at least one instructor and one additional teacher to ensure everyone receives the attention they need to have a positive experience.

Infant Yoga

For Babies Ages 3 - 18 Months

This fun and interactive 45-minute class provides valuable interaction and bonding between baby and parent. Parents will practice modified yoga positions, stretch, and relax. Each class begins with a brief circle time to bring parents together and build a sense of community.


Toddler Yoga

For Ages 18 Months - 3 Years

 In our toddler class, kids will learn yoga techniques and positions through story time and music alongside their parent/guardian. Each class is 45-minutes and contains unique and interactive activities designed to be fun and engaging for toddlers.


Our classes provide parents and toddlers with a unique opportunity to play and bond in a relaxing environment.


Prenatal Yoga


Our 45-minute prenatal yoga class helps you stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy, and offers the opportunity to improve flexibility and concentration while reducing stress. This class is the perfect way to carve out some time to reconnect with yourself, relax, and meet other moms-to-be. 


Our 1-hour Zumba class will get your heart pumping! You'll dance to incredible music and burn calories while having a blast.

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